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The Three-Pronged Thesis: Trials and Tribulations

By Kylie Lohmeyer The college experience is far different from high school and making such an extreme transition can be tough. Though living without the comforts of home is nothing shy of awful, the true challenge of college is adapting … Continue reading

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Five Steps to Transition from High School to College Writing

By Jordan Dynes Imagine this: it’s your first day of college. You’re enjoying yourself and making tons of new friends. Then, on the very first day, your professor assigns an essay. You don’t sweat it because you aced all of … Continue reading

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Moving Away from the Five Paragraph Formula through Expansion

By Scout Garrison If you went to high school, chances are you’ve written five paragraph essays, especially if you participated in any sort of AP course. Many of us simply adopted this format of writing for convenience. If we followed … Continue reading

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