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Writing Wars: Chapter One

By Raelynn de la Cruz, Chasen Fayeghi, Jordan Knowles, Nathan Lachner, Charis Nixon, and Haley Reineman Prologue After years of diligently training his Writing Force skills, one final test remained—the student had perfected his sentences and later order concerns like … Continue reading

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Don’t Hate, Imitate

By Nathan Lachner “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Imitatio, deriving from the Greek word “to imitate,” refers to the process of studying and emulating rhetorical features of other authors. Many students developing a foundation in writing feel daunted … Continue reading

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Nouning Your Characters

By Logan Miller When writing (say, for NaNoWriMo), do you find yourself thinking predominantly about narrative? Sure, numerous characters populate that narrative, but maybe your thinking tends to revolve around circumstances, events, conflicts, etc. If it does, I’d bet you … Continue reading

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