Writing Wars: Chapter One

By Raelynn de la Cruz, Chasen Fayeghi, Jordan Knowles, Nathan Lachner, Charis Nixon, and Haley Reineman


After years of diligently training his Writing Force skills, one final test remainedthe student had perfected his sentences and later order concerns like spelling and punctuation; however, yesterday he received a new quest. He walked into the council of the Word and opened the large artisan doors engraved with the ancient font of Times New Roman. The student walked down the pristine, granite walkway until he stood before the council of the Word.

Chancellor Long Essay looked down at him and huffed, “What is it that you request of us today, Luke Skywriter?”

“I am ready to become a writing master. Give me my final quest so I can finally call myself a Writing Jedi,” he pleaded.

Chancellor Long Essay squinted his eyes and sat in silence for five long seconds, “Hmm…You will earn the prestigious title of Writing Jedi, but not until you have completed for me…the great research paper! You must research a topic and articulate it in precise and engaging language. This essay will need to be cohesive with a strong, guiding thesis!”

“But Chancellor!” he responded, “I’m not sure if I can succeed in this task. This paper has filled me with crippling self-doubt and anxiety.”

The Chancellor was displeased by Skywriter’s hesitation, “You have no choice. The deadline is set—you have one month to come back with your revised research paper or you will receive the most horrible punishment of the Writing Councilthe F.”

Skywriter shrieked, “No, it can’t be! Please spare me my life!”

“Now get out, and don’t come back empty-handed, Skywriter!”

Skywriter left the Writing Council, filled with doubt, and began searching his mind for an idea, delving into the chasms of his unconscious for hope and inspiration for the project to come.


Chapter One—Planet Brainstorm

Skywriter landed his Metonymy Falcon on the surface of Planet Brainstorm, a harsh planet with three suns that created an environment of constant, scorching daytime. The ecosystem consisted of sandy desert land with scattered shrubs along the dunes and a vast network of caves below.

Luke Skywriter sat on top of a dune with his 1000 UV protection sun goggles, peering out into the sandy mist of the world. Skywriter was looking for a reptilian hexapod called the “idea.” The ideas constantly hid from the gaze of idea poachers by burrowing into the sand and retreating into the caves below.

From the top of the dune, the young student could see a dark figure in the distance. Skywriter rode his hoverboard into the multi-solar sunrise. As he traveled into the distant horizon, he kept his eyes set on the dark, motionless figure ahead of him. It took him a few hours to get to the figure in the distance, and to his dismay, it was just tall, spindly shrub of Planet Brainstorm. 

The discouraged student sunk down onto his knees, as tears streamed across his dust covered cheeks. “I thought I found an idea,” he moaned.

But, that was just his first lesson. The first time a potential Writing Jedi thinks they have an idea, it may just be a desert shrub of Planet Brainstorm, but they must persevere. Rather than give up, Skywriter marched into the dust storms of the planet. He needed to spend several moments silently contemplating the task at handit was important for him to spend some time in silence to focus on the ideas that he wanted to capture. All of a sudden, Skywriter picked up a stick and started drawing in the sand, scribbling what he imagined an idea looked like.

After sketching in the sand and organizing his ideas, Skywriter set out to find another idea. He pulled out his high-powered electronic binoculars and spotted a scaled beast at the mouth of a desert cave. When he got closer, the idea retreated into the mouth of the nearby cave, and Skywriter followed closely behind. His heart was bursting as he chased the idea through the subterranean cave network of the Planet Brainstorm. Skywriter pulled a huge net out of his bag and threw it over the idea. He stood in the shadows of the cave, looking at the idea that he had just captured, but that was only the beginning of his quest.


To be continued…

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