Adaptation within Academia

By Iris Saltus

As students (and as individuals in general), we have to be able to adapt. We must be able to change our study habits when we move from high school into college. We must be able to change our mindset when we go from our 9:00 chemistry lecture to our 10:00 Core Humanities class. We must be able to adjust how we think when we start taking upper level classes or when we start planning and writing a dissertation.

Sometimes these changes aren’t easy, but adapting as a student often requires trying new things and accepting that some of those things might not work out. Halfway through the semester, you might realize that taking notes using the Cornell Method is just too confusing (and you never look at your notes again, anyway). Maybe you’ve tried doing your homework first thing in the morning instead of at 10 at night, but now you really need that sleep time. Perhaps you’ve tried backward planning but can’t stick to that schedule. Forcing yourself to set aside an extra hour each day to stay on top of your differential equations homework can be miserable; convincing yourself to spend an hour each day reading for your literature seminar class can be arduous. Still, we all manage to pull through—some a little less scathed than others.

Don’t be discouraged, though! It’s okay to change up your schedule (if you can) or abandon ineffective strategies that you’re trying to use to get through your course work. The University Writing Center blog itself must be able to adapt as well, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re changing up our schedule! Instead of publishing three new blog posts each week, we’ll be posting one new blog every Tuesday. We will continue to post a “throwback Thursday” blog taken from our archives on our Facebook and Twitter pages every Thursday.

So, don’t be afraid of those changing due dates or terrifying new citation styles. Try something new, change your way of thinking, and find a way to adapt!

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