How to Choose a UWC Writing Consultant

By Pamela Hong

It’s Friday night, so you call your best friend and plan a night out downtown at the Eldorado Casino. You and your best friend spend some time catching up, laughing, and overall having a great night. You’re having a great time together, so you decide to play some roulette. You bet all your chips on RED 13 since your best friend suggested you do so. The dealer spins the wheel, and the ball lands on RED 13! You just won $100,000!

You realize your best friend was a major factor in your win. You chose to go out with your best friend because you both have a lot in common and you both work well together. This same kind of connection should be sought out when you are making an appointment at the Writing Center.

The consultant you choose should be compatible with what you want to achieve during the session. While all of our consultants are well-trained and equipped with resources to help you in all aspects and styles of writing, working with a consultant who has taken your classes or has felt your pain doing the very same assignments you’re working on creates a more comfortable and authentic collaboration.

Here’s how:

  1. Read the bios on the University Writing Center website (
    Every consultant has a short description of their standing, major(s) and minor(s), strengths in writing, and casual facts about what they do in their daily lives. Quickly skimming these blurbs, while looking at the availability that works for you on the appointment website (, can help you decide which person you may be most successful working with. You can also search through consultant bios for someone who shares your major or hobbies.
  1. Use the UWC online’s scheduling system
    The Writing Center offers several schedules every semester to help accommodate your writing goals. We offer a number of different schedules, including ones for  graduate students and students in online core writing classes. Just go to the website to create an appointment and explore the drop-down menu of schedules to see if there are consultants specialized just for you.HERE’S A TIP: You can also see a consultants’ bio when you click on an available time slot to make an appointment on the “” website.
  1. Ask our staff
    If you stop by to make an appointment in person, ask the front desk who they think you could benefit from working with the most. We know our peers’ strengths better than they may know themselves, so we can help you find your perfect match.
    Also, if you’re in an appointment already, ask your consultant who they suggest you should go to! Now that they’ve seen your writing objectives and know you a little bit better, they can give you specific suggestion as to who would help you best in a consultation for the next time you come in.
  1. If all else fails, any one of us can help you
    Again, we are all trained to accommodate any writer from all different types of majors. While having a Nursing major help you in CHS 211 would be ideal, any of our wonderful consultants can assist you thoroughly and fully.
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