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A Modest Proposal: A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Conference Proposals

By Reece Gibb Writing a conference proposal for the first time can be intimidating—especially if you’ve never been in a conference environment before. So many questions come to mind: how do I choose a topic? What form does a conference … Continue reading

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Constructing a Rogerian Argument

By Chase Fayeghi Picture this: two people, each with opposing views, have been duking it out for some time. The battlefield is littered with logical fallacies, bullets of insults are shot back and forth piercing each opponent, and, in the … Continue reading

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Adaptation within Academia

By Iris Saltus As students (and as individuals in general), we have to be able to adapt. We must be able to change our study habits when we move from high school into college. We must be able to change … Continue reading

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A “Word” on Creating a Table of Contents

By Jacob Trujillo A table of contents establishes a simple way of maneuvering through a document that contains several sets of information. It allows the reader to access specific content areas in a document by setting a list of those specific … Continue reading

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Strategies for Effective Note-Taking

By Zoey Rosen “TAKE NOTES.” These chilling instructions from a professor can take your anxiety levels for a class from zero to off the charts. Taking notes in an important aspect of attending a lecture. The act of writing down … Continue reading

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Using a Style Guide Instead of a Website

By Adriana Santana Picture this. You have one hour before your rhetorical analysis of Machiavelli’s The Prince is due. Your professor asks that you use direct quotations to support your original argument. Just as you’re preparing your reference page, the internet … Continue reading

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How to Choose a UWC Writing Consultant

By Pamela Hong It’s Friday night, so you call your best friend and plan a night out downtown at the Eldorado Casino. You and your best friend spend some time catching up, laughing, and overall having a great night. You’re … Continue reading

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Negotiating Contracts as a Freelancer

By Edwin Tran To many, freelancing is a dream with so many perks and benefits that it is unfathomable to think anything negative about it. Being a freelance writer means setting your own schedules, your own hours, your own pace, … Continue reading

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