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Mission (I’m)Possible: Writing College and Program Applications

By Ash Thoms College and program applications are full of different information that, while giving a good overview of where you’ve been and what you’ve done, doesn’t actually represent who you are as a person. When was the last time … Continue reading

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Principles of Paper Polishing: Editing a Near Final Draft

By Melissa Waters If you’re here looking for advice on how to edit a near final draft, then congratulations; you’re in the homestretch. However, before we can delve into some strategies, you need to determine if you are really working … Continue reading

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Nom-Nom-Nominalizations: How They’re Eating Up Your Sentences

By Stewart Matzek Before we talk about nominalizations, let’s look at a few sentences. See if you can figure out what’s going wrong. The committee conducted an interrogation of the subject. Our plan was to go running, but our cute … Continue reading

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