College of Education Entrance Essay

By: Cory Anderson

Many future teachers, especially those who are not trying to become English teachers, struggle with their own writing. This can make the essay that is required to be accepted in the College of Education look quite daunting. Nevada is consistently ranked as the state with the lowest education system. Therefore, future teachers are now required to become highly qualified before they are given their own classroom. When applying for the College of Education at the University of Nevada, Reno, students are required to fill out an application, write an essay, and pass the Praxis I test before they are allowed to take higher-level education classes. Given that many of the students that are applying to the College of Education in Reno are products of Nevada’s education system, it is important to write an essay that shows that students are fully capable of becoming the future of Nevada’s education system. Teachers are being entrusted with the futures of many young minds, and it is important that they prove that they can be radicals in a system that is desperate need of reform. However, in order to achieve this radical overhaul, students must start at the beginning by being accepted into the College of Education. Below, I have provided a checklist of what the most important elements are of a “good” essay when applying to the College of Education.


  • Explain what education means to you.
  • State what you bring to the table as a teacher that no one else does and convince readers why these qualities are unique and beneficial.
  • Come up with a vision statement or a general teaching philosophy that you intend to implement in your future classroom. Provide evidence that this vision statement could be easily implemented into your future classroom.
  • State what caused you want to become a teacher in the first place (in general, it seems as if many future teachers either had an excellent experience in school or they had a horrible experience.) Whether your experience was excellent or horrible, state what about this experience motivated you to become a teacher and why this will make you successful.
  • Mention what your first step in changing the current education system would be.
  • Discuss your vision for the future of education.
  • Most importantly, remember to let your own unique voice easily shine through your essay.


While this checklist is not an exhaustive one, I hope that it will provide you with at least a basic idea of how you could secure your spot in the College of Education as a future teacher. While the essay is not the only thing that is required to get into the teaching program, it is an essential part of your application. Whether or no you want to be an English teacher, knowing how to write a good essay will be beneficial to you in your future career. As you read this list, and come up with your own key elements for the essay, please feel free to comment with additional information. Good luck to you all!

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