Political Science Papers: Write Like You Mean It

by Colin deSousa

As Political Science students, or just students in a Poli-Sci class, it should always be a priority to remain objective. Remaining objective allows us to analyze every situation and alternatives that might not have been considered had the paper been approached with a conservative or liberal view. In theory, these papers are unbiased.

However, since we are humans, we are bound to allow our personal feelings to be incorporated. This is fine as long as the overall message and content still reflect a logical and intelligent point of view.

Approaching a paper in which you must directly conflict with your values and beliefs can be very difficult. One way that I have found that helps a lot is to basically be an actor on paper. Take on the persona of someone that would have these beliefs while still being logical. Every political science student is bound to come across a paper in which they will be out of their comfort zone. It makes objectivity a task that is hard to achieve. For example, the Affordable Health Care Act, which passed last year, was deemed constitutional by the Supreme Court. Many people around the country both cheered and rioted because of this. If we were required to write an analysis or an argument on the act itself, it would be our job to look at each main part of the law from a logical point of view and THEN write the paper. It would also be beneficial to mention in the paper who the authors of the bill are and how this bill effects their constituents.

As previously stated, objectivity is your best friend when writing any kind of political science paper. Always research every side of the argument in order to gain a better understanding of the situation at hand. When analyzing a law or court ruling, search for articles from political journals and newspapers for more information and a different perspective. Life in the political science world is all about perspective and rhetoric. The better you are at achieving both, the better your papers and debates will be.


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