Tutor Bio: Meredyth

So my name is Meredyth and I’m a tutor at the University Writing Center.  I love writing poetry and short works of fiction.  I also adore lengthy research papers, both exploratory and argumentative in nature.  And my major…is biology.  A science major working in an English writing center? Say what? Yep, it’s true.  I like to think that my science background gives me a unique perspective on traditional core humanities and English essays as well as a leg up over my less verbally inclined science counterparts.   Being able to understand and use both MLA and APA formats has been a huge help to me in both my academic and professional careers.  I find that being able to connect to both the liberal arts and science students allows me to make that important connection for everyone.  For the science student, I can explain why their professor is making them write a ten page paper for something they think they can do in five (yes, they want to know how you feel and what you think…and no, it’s not always logical).  For the English student, I can explain why their cytology TA is taking off ten points for every line they are over the page limit (yes, you can say it in fewer words.  I recommend you own a thesaurus.).  But overall, the sciences and the liberal arts are more alike than people realize.  Both types of papers are trying to get at the heart of things; they just have different ways of doing it.  I try to encourage students to take classes not in their majors, even though it may seem difficult.  If you learn how to write for both sides, you will have the advantage over your peers, even after you graduate.  English writing is very much like grant writing.  As a scientist, YOU WILL NEED GRANT WRITING.  I like to think that lesson plans and other professional outlines are very much like science writing, something every teacher can utilize.  I hope that people won’t be so scared of the “other side” of writing.

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