Ashley and I are working on starting up a literary journal for the Writing Center. It’s all incredibly exciting and I can’t wait for it to really get started.

All of the excitement with this journal, though, just reminds me of how lazy I’ve been about my academic writing. There are so many contests and things that I wanted to enter some of my papers into, but I just never got around to editing those papers and sending them in. It’s terrible, because I’ve even gone so far as to look up a contest and then pick out which paper I wanted to edit and submit. But when it came down to it, I chickened out. I told myself that even my edited paper wouldn’t be good enough, so if I didn’t send it in, then I couldn’t be rejected. What a terrible mindset, right?

I’m hoping that working so closely with a literary journal will help me see that the editors aren’t just cruel robots who reject everything they get in the meanest way possible to try to break writers’ spirits. Stellaria certainly won’t be a literary journal like that; we plan to be nice and pleasant and to accept as much writing as we possibly can.

Hopefully Stellaria will help me (and other writers) gain the confidence they need to submit their excellent writing to literary journals and contests so they can have the chance to share their ideas.

Maybe I’ll even get around to editing some of my own papers and finally get around to submitting them. But I feel like it would be cheating if I submitted too much of my own stuff to Stellaria, so we’ll see.

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