Schoolhouse Rock Memories

Saturday morning cartoons were a standard for me when I was growing up. In my house, we did not have cable television and the Internet as we know it now did not exist. In addition, my father was committed to our old Zenith (my older siblings told me I was lucky the television was in color). I had my favorite cartoons, mostly Bugs Bunny and for a while the Smurfs. Of course, cartoons would come and go, the story lines would change, the commercials would sell the latest and greatest junk toys. The part of my Saturday morning rituals that was constant was Schoolhouse Rock. I loved singing about nouns and verbs—in fact, I can still sing along. The colors of the cartoons are the colors of my childhood wardrobe; I matched the Schoolhouse Rock image. Most of the time I was not thinking about the parts of speech or the congressional process (“Bill on the Hill”); I was just being a kid. But later, while at school or reading a book, Schoolhouse Rock popped into my head, and maybe even a few lines escaped my lips, and I actually used that silly cartoon. I’m old now—way past Saturday morning cartoons—but I recently bought the DVD of the Schoolhouse Rock clips. I am so excited that Jessica has organized the University Writing Center presentation of the grammar clips. Don’t miss out: Tuesday, March 29th, 7:30, the Joe Theater. See you there in 70’s brown and orange.

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